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Sam Progetti’s head office is located in Porza (LUGANO NORD) (CH), where we manage and design all of the resources in order to accomplish our project.
We actively research for the best technical solution available worldwide, creating a network between high-end companies and us, in order to provide the best solution for your needs.
We also have an exclusive agreement with an international company specialized in piping installation, structural support production and installation as well as maintenance for oil, chemical, metallurgic, paper production and power plants.

Our Legacy

Since 1982 SAM Progetti’ engineers have been on the paper market, always keeping up with the best technology available over the many years of our experience. When our company was founded we didn’t just kept going with the paper’s trend. We reinvented it all. From 1999 we are developing the best steam and condensate technology available worldwide, overcoming all standards with less energy consumption and far more productivity, against all odds. Over many years of presence in over 20 different countries (like Kuwait, EAU, Syria, Korea, China, Germany, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, ecc...) we are proud to offer you our best legacy of technological support, granting you the best results you could ever wish for.

All over the World

SAM Progetti acts in EEU countries, East Europe, Middle East, P.R of China and North America.
Its technical staff has executed many “turn-key” projects world over (Kuwait, South Korea, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, etc.) solving supply and logistics solutions to the customers.
SAM Progetti supervises and manages its yard with specialized personnel granting the success of the commissioning.

Start up and industrial technology service for:

Steam piping, Energy production plants, Thermoelectric power plants, Vacuum systems, Industrial HVAC systems, Industrial air extraction systems, Energy recovery systems, structural work, Power and control plants, Process automation, Protection and communication systems.

Latest News


Steam & Condensate Systems

New Vacuum System high performance technology

SAM Progetti has developed a trade-mark technology for steam vacuum systems without vacuum pumps, minimizing the maintenance and the tuning, while avoiding all the anomalies of the traditional systems. 
SAM Progetti has obtained a great experience in high vacuum steam systems, where it’s necessary to pay attention to all the structural details in order to reach and maintain an optimal performance during the years. 
SAM Progetti has a tangible experience in steam transport with high vacuum condition, in pressure control, in high vacuum steam desuperheating and in steam line and equipment drainage in vacuum system


Heat Recovery Aerothermic Systems

20 years of experience

As said before we have over 20 years’ worth of experience in the construction and installation of aerothermic and heat recovery systems.
Special Fresh air/Exhaust air heat exchanges for latent heat recovery with maximum 1 Gcal/h power each. 
Water/Exhaust air recovery unit with maximum 5 Gcal/h power each. 
All of the components are designed and manufactured in our workshop, using stainless steel and aluminum as raw materials for ducts, recovery unit, heating coils and fans. 
SAM Progetti pays extreme attention to the systems’ quality and efficiency not disregarding the thermos acoustic problems.
We install our aerothermic systems with specialized personnel in order to reach a high quality result.



Enclosed insulated hoods

SAM Progetti has 30 years of experience in industrial enclosed insulated hood construction and installation, especially for paper industry. All of the hood components are designed and manufactured in our office and workshop with high accuracy in quality and are also designed for a easy and low cost installation. We install our hoods with extreme attention to achieve a high quality job.


Piping Design

SAM Progetti has attained a 18 years’ worth of experience in 3D piping design, producing prefabrication drawings, isometric views and sketches, minimizing any kind of mistakes and rejections and prefabricating 90% of the systems, reducing the installation time



Construction Maintenance

We have in our staff, specialized and certificated personnel for the construction, pre-fabrication and maintenance of aerothermic systems and recovery units. 
SAM Progetti has been working for over twenty years in the construction and the installation of systems and in maintenance and revamping of existing plants.


Pre-fabrication Maintenance

We have in our staff, specialized and certificated personnel for construction, pre-fabrication and maintenance jobs of steam lines and pressure equipment. SAM Progetti has worked in high and medium pressure steam distribution plants, in -9,6 m vacuum systems, in co-generation and technological plants.



Plants and process automation

new generation of control systems

We push the automation over the standard limits in calculations and energy balances, helping the production with automatic diagnosis that reduces the machine and optimizes the products, keeping a high thermal efficiency. Pressure controls with flow management, Master-Slave strategy according to Mollier diagram, warm up procedure, check and management of energy peak, etc are only some of the features of the particular process automation strategies developed by SAM Progetti.


Process instrumentation installation, start-up and maintenance

We work alongside with more than 80 engineers, with a worldwide experience in process automation, able to supply a complete service, i.e. design, supply, installation, software configuration preparation and start-up in power, paper, metal and aluminum plants. SAM Progetti operates all over the world, quickly and with high competence, assuring a high level service and quality.



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